Last week, we shared an adorable DIY Valentine Card Kit and–wow!–so many of you wanted to grab a set, the artist had to temporarily shutter the shop while she made more. Happily, there are now a few more kits back in stock, but we also decided to find some more awesome Valentine’s card kits that are high on fun, but low on mess and effort.

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robot valentine's cards kit for kids

This Robot Valentine’s Card Kit from Etsy’s NickWillJack is such a nice break from all the frill and foo-foo out there. Designed by a mom for her own robot-loving son, each kit contains what you need to make 8 very cool cards for your kid’s BFFs, including heart shaped Crayola crayons. You can even have the muslin drawstring personalized with a V-day greeting or your child’s name.

Kiwi Crate Valentine Kit

The Handmade Valentine’s Kit from the creative folks at Kiwi Crate includes everything your kids need to make 24 cards for their classmates. I love that their cards aren’t just folded paper, but have little pop-up tabs inside onto which your kids can glue a shape such as a colorful alien, butterfly, or car. Just dress up the pictures with gems or—my kids’ favorite—googly eyes.

Kiwi Crate Valentine's card kit for kids
I do wish there were a few images that we could stick onto the front of the card, though I suppose that since Kiwi Crate has supplied me with everything–even the glue stick!–I could do something myself and either cut out of a few paper hearts or help the kids write Happy Valentine’s Day on the front (with the markers they supply too). In fact, for kids who are a little too young to write clearly, this is would be a fun way to spend a couple of hours with you, getting ready for Valentine’s Day with hardly anything to clean up. ($14.95 for 24 Valentines)
Acarrdian Cards Valentine's kit for kids
Acarrdian Cards Valentine's kit for kids

For kids who love glitter (and us parents who shudder at the mere word), Acarrdian Cards’ Make Your Own Valentine Cards Kit is a great compromise. Just have your kids glue the glittery or shimmery paper hearts inside the “Be Mine” outline–a neat way for little ones to practice fine-motor skills as they line up the hearts–and then stick that to the colorful backing cards. I know my oldest would spend a lot of time coming up with her favorite color schemes.
To personalize, you’ll need to grab some markers or crayons, and, yes, you need your own glue, but the finished product is definitely worth it. ($12 for 24 cards, with optional envelopes sold separately)
Paper Source Treat Bag Valentine kit
Since I have three kids with very different ideas for Valentine’s Day cards, I’m eyeing Paper Source which has at least a dozen options ranging from the super easy, to the one that needs a bone folder to complete (okay, I’d avoid that one, personally). My favorite is their Valentine Treat Bags which can hold a couple chocolate Kisses or a heart-shaped cookie, and looks like something a budding Martha Stewart would pass out in third grade.
Mustache Valentines at Paper Source
My son will go crazy for the Mustache Valentine Card Kit at the same shop, which is super-easy to pull together and would be so much fun to create. 
Hedgehogs Valentines at Paper Source
Woodland Critters at Paper Source
Guitar Valentines at Paper Source
Also, be sure to check out the adorable hedgehog Valentines, woodland critters Valentines, or even the rocking little guitar Valentines. Just make sure you note the supplies needed–some kits require you to supply the glue dots or a special size hole punch–all of which are sold on Paper Source too.
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