My baby-having days are over, but lucky me, I’ve got lots of friends who are still pumping them out (ha), which gives me an excellent excuse to shower their babies with all sorts of baby gifts, like these adorable ones from CMP-fave Oots.

These quirky rattles, like Peter the Fly (above), are part of their Esthex line that are made in a certified factory in Thailand from cotton and polyester, so your baby can chew to her heart’s delight and then you can toss it in the washing machine. Plus, you have to love that it’s a fly, a sorely neglected bug. Heh.

Minnie the Mushroom rattle at Oots

If you’re not so keen on the idea of chewing on bugs, then I love Minnie the Mushroom, which is the perfect shape for little ones to gnaw on.

Owl music box by Oots

And while I’ve seen a lot of owls, none has been as musical as the Owl Henny, which features a small music box that plays Brahms Lullaby or La Le Lu with just a little pull.

Now where are those baby shower invites, ladies? I’m ready! –Kristen

You can purchase the Esthex baby rattles and music boxes at Oots

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