There are so many amazingly unique and gorgeous baby products out there. But when I was a new mama, I was so exhausted and preoccupied, I found it hard to find the time to actually buy all the cool baby clothes, toys and gear I would’ve loved to have. If only I had a personal shopper who could have sent me some of the best things every now and then.

Baby gift boxes from littlefox


So I think it’s pretty cool that there is a company that selects a few of the most-beautiful and thoughtfully made baby items and delivers them every month to your doorstep. And their packs are filled with just the kinds of things I would have chosen myself. In fact, I have! Right on these pages, at times.

Founded by two sisters, littlefox curates the kinds of products for infants through age two that we love here at Cool Mom Picks–thoughtfully made of beautiful materials, eco-friendly, and truly special.

Sign up for a monthly subscription and receive a new gift box of goodies every month. Or, as they say, “monthly gifts of awesomeness.”

In this month’s February pack, you’ll find a generous Aden + Anais swaddle blanket, a colorful board book by Charley Harper, the imagination-building coloring book 32 Ways to Dress a Fox, a limited-edition, super cute littlefox tee, and more.

Previous month’s packs have held an adorable bla bla cloth doll, eco-friendly Glob paints, costume accessories, and the uber popular Tegu blocks.

littlefox January pack
Not every product will be something you use immediately with a nine month old–like the paints–but I really like that parents can tuck a few things aside for later instead of feeling like you have to use everything right away.
Right now, littlefox offers a subscription for $37.95/month or a one-time charge for a baker’s dozen of packs sent across the span of 13 months. While not inexpensive, the February items added together come to more than $60, so they’ve worked out a pretty big discount for subscribers. 
And when you consider the time saved over having to purchase each item separately, I could pretty quickly justify the splurge, especially for the year or two that my kids were in their target age range. It all goes by so quickly, you know? Christina

Check out lubscription boxes of toys for babies and young children at the littlefox website. Subscribers who sign up before the 10th of February will receive the February pack; later subscribers will start receiving their packs in March. Keep an eye out for their new Baby Shower Gift Packs in the near future which will make a nice one-time gift for a close friend or relative.