If you’re worried about scary chemicals around the house, you’re going to love the new organic cleaner so safe that you can use it to wash fruit, shine the counter, or wipe out your dog’s ears. Or, yes, even lick it.

And I know, because I totally licked it.

For the record, it had no taste, which is kind of crazy considering the smell of most of my cleaning products. That says something right there.

iGozen is an organic household cleaner made from 100% natural calcium particles straight from the ocean. It arrives in tidy packets all in a super clever box designed to stick to your fridge with a magnet. Add a packet to the spray bottle, mix with water, and you’re ready to go.

I’ve been using iGozen all over the house and have been really pleased. It tidies up the counter, cutting boards, the fireplace, the wood floors and table, appliances, and the tile in my downstairs bathroom. You can even clean fruits and veggies with it, as the calcium breaks down bacteria, wax, toxins, and general crud. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or scents–just water and powdered calcium, which makes it utterly hypoallergenic.

And how’s this for a torture test: it can even use it to remove eye makeup–which I tried–and and which works better than the almond oil I usually use.

Keep in mind that while I love it a lot and use it for everything, this isn’t a super heavy-duty cleaner. It didn’t do much for my toilet bowl, and it couldn’t break down the yellow glue where my husband drops globs of uncooked egg in the morning. But for a general light cleaner with absolutely no smell or worries, it’s fantastic to keep around the kitchen–and for letting kids help clean, safely. And that little box stuck on my fridge is great for pens and index cards, too.Besides, the price is crazy reasonable, for how much cleaner each packet makes when you add water.

And hey, spraying cleaner directly into your mouth is a fantastic party trick. Trust me. –Delilah

Find all-natural, unscented cleaners at the iGozen website. There are a variety of packages available, and you can also buy separate washes for fruits/vegetables and meat/fish. Shipping is always free.