PPB for me!From helpful apps to the gadgets and bling we’re swooning over for Valentine’s Day (hint! hint!), you won’t want to miss our favorite picks from the past week.

1. If you love your tech, this will be the best $19.99 you spend, hands down.

2. Got family overseas? Frequent traveler? This app will be a lifesaver.

3. We’ve all embarrassed ourselves on Facebook. Here’s a brilliant way to find any bad Facebook photos or updates and save face stat.

4. A QR code as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift: You’ve got to see this!

5. We’re swooning over these new tech cases from one of our favorite bag designers. Just as pretty and clever as you would think.

BONUS: If you’d rather have tech than roses, we’ve also got a red-tastic round-up of gadgets that would make perfect Valentine gifts this week.