We love it when geek goes chic. These gorgeous posters are a great way to bring your obsession with Doctor Who to the walls with style.

Doctor Who posters on Cool Mom Picks

Whichever Doctor is your favorite–I’m a David Tennant girl myself–it can be hard to find geeky posters that still have major style and work with your decor. Thankfully, those talented Etsy artisans are here for you with a rainbow of Gallifreyan goodies.

The adorable Dalek & Tardis poster, for example, is available in almost any color you like, printed on nice, heavy satin paper. Pop that baby in an IKEA frame, and you’ve gone from exterminate to decorate in mere moments.

For an entire collection of classy Whovian posters, check out the fantastic Paternoster Gang designs by The Geekerie, based on the Series 7 Christmas episode, The Snowmen, in which Matt Smith’s Doctor impersonates Sherlock Holmes. Each poster is printed on 80-lb paper and can also be purchased separately. This shop has more than 80 listings of Doctor Who inspired artwork, so you’re sure to find your favorite Doctor, episode, or villain.

Whichever Doctor you love and whichever art you choose, we hope you enjoy your wibbly wobbly timey wimey poster goodness! –Delilah

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