Long before I had kids, I was buying Seventh Generation products to clean my little apartment. I liked their earth-friendly business practices, their mindful selection of ingredients, and the fact that I could grab what I needed from the shelves of my local supermarket. 

And though my kids are now beyond the baby stage, I was intrigued to hear that Seventh Generation has introduced a new line of baby bath and skin care products. Those of you with babies in the house will definitely like the eco-awesome offerings.

Seventh Generation baby bath on Cool Mom Picks

Seventh Generation’s new line of baby bathtime and baby skin care products is the kind of stuff I would have loved to have when my kids were younger. Made with lots of plant-based ingredients and extra virgin olive oil, and no phthalates, parabens or synthetic frangrance, it is also hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin.

I particularly like the Baby Shampoo & Wash, which suds up nice and thick but still washes off nice and clean. I’m not as fond of the Foaming Baby Shampoo & Wash which doesn’t have that nice soapy feeling on the skin, but I think that babies who hate baths will like that it takes very little water to rinse this off, meaning less tub time for them.

And even my older kids adored the Baby Bubble Bath, which made a good amount of bubbles, but didn’t leave their skin feeling itchy or dry afterward. 

The Baby Lotion, which uses olive oil and shea butter, goes on thick but disappears fast too, so you won’t be trying to wrangle a squirming, sticky infant into a footed sleeper at night when everybody’s patience is wearing thin.

The entire Bath and Body line is lightly scented with fresh-smelling orange and grapefruit oil, which I love since it doesn’t overpower our already sweet-smelling kids. But take note: Although the products are labeled as “tear-free”, I’d take special care near the eyes whenever I know citrus oils are involved.

I’m excited to try out the new Baby Sunscreen on my entire family this spring and summer. With an SPF of 30, it uses zinc oxide as the base, but still vanishes into skin with very little effort (instead of that usual zinc oxide ghostly white effect). The sunscreen also has a lovely light lavender fragrance that makes me think of spring. I only wish it came in a larger size, since I’m pretty sure we’d blow through a 3-ounce tube in one weekend.

And though my kids are long past diaper days–yay!–I did check out their new Fragrance Free Diaper Cream, which slathers on nice and thick. Plus, it’s made of castor oil, zinc oxide, beeswax and extra virgin olive oil–all ingredients I feel good about patting into baby’s sensitive skin. Nice going, Seventh Generation. Christina

Seventh Generation’s new line of baby bathtime and baby skin care products can be purchased at their website.