It’s St. Patrick’s Day and that means it’s time to put green food coloring in the pancakes, the mashed potatoes, and the toilet. What, your leprechauns don’t tinkle in the potty as they hunt for gold?

But if you’d like a pretty, sturdy, and long-lasting rainbow to celebrate the sweeter part of the leprechaun myth, we think this toy is worth its weight in gold.

St. Paddy's Rainbow at Cool Mom Picks!

This Waldorf-style homemade rainbow stacking toy from Apple n Amos on Etsy will bring smiles long after the leprechauns have fled. Handcut of hardwood, hand-sanded, painted with non-toxic soy-based paint, and sealed with a mixture of beeswax and olive oil, it’s generously sized for a kid’s toy at thirteen inches wide by ten inches tall. That means that cars and boats can have loads of fun going underneath, and it would also make several fetching sizes of mustache.

Waldorf Wood Rainbow at Cool Mom Picks!

It’s too late to order one for strategic gold-hiding, but we figure it’s always good to have a sturdy and vibrant rainbow around the house. We hear leprechauns are way into imaginative play.-Delilah

Find the Waldorf Wooden Toy Rainbow at Amos n Apple on Etsy.