Author Amy Krouse Rosenthal is on a tear with her awesome children’s books, and her latest is no exception. I Scream, Ice Cream: A Book of Wordles is so much fun if you’ve got kids, like mine, obsessed with wordplay and homophones.

(Not the same as homonyms as I recently realized. Oops.)

In other words, phrases or words that sound the same but mean different things like…well, I Scream/ Ice Cream. Heroes/He Rows. Or Pants Knees/Pant…Sneeze.

Each set of wordles comes to life with wonderful, evocative illustrations by Serge Bloch, some of which incorporate woodcut illustrations or actual photos for an extra surprise your kids will adore.

It’s not just a fun read for my five and seven-year-olds alike, it’s a great way to get their imagination going as they try to come up with their own pairings. So far, they’ve got down I P and I Pee. Ah, kids.

Find I Scream, Ice Cream: A Book of Wordles on our affiliate Amazon or your local indie bookseller.


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