I’m a huge fan of Maclaren strollers. In fact, out of all the strollers I’ve tried and tested over the years, the Maclaren Denim Quest is one of the only ones that has stood the test of time and tantrums. Their latest Object of Design launch (which is the same series that birthed the denim model) has me overjoyed–you might even call it the BMW of strollers.

maclaren BMW edition | cool mom picks

The new limited-edition BMW Buggy from Maclaren, a meeting of the minds between the stroller giant and the luxury car company, is a specimen of great engineering. It’s sporty, cool and definitely a head-turner (we’ve gotten many stares on the sidewalks). Since this is technically my first BMW, I was beyond excited to see how this thing handled–and I was not disappointed.

At first glance, the BMW Buggy looks and feels like most other Maclaren strollers, which is to say that it’s easy on the eyes, sleek and lightweight–all excellent things. But the difference between this buggy and your typical Maclaren is all in the details. The bucket seat, inspired by real BMW seats, is luxuriously padded, ergonomic and stain resistant. The seat is also easily reclineable, as is the hood apron, two things I’ve had issues with on other Maclaren models.

The wheels, which are festooned with the BMW insignia (the logo also appears on other parts of the stroller, but discreetly enough so it’s not screaming BMW), have four-wheel suspension, which gives the buggy an ultra-smooth ride. Made for babies 6 months and up, it’s certainly comfy enough that you won’t feel guilty having them nap in it. In fact, I wish it was big enough for me to take a snooze in. After all, falling asleep in the car–or a car-inspired stroller–is awesome.

Okay, is a Beemer Maclaren cheap? No way. But is it fab? You bet. Melissa

The Maclaren BMW Buggy is $385 and comes in black, silver and blue.


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