You know what really irks me? When my boys have their swimming lessons, and then I’m left with several wet trunks and towels when the lesson ends and no wetbag to tote them home.

Waterproof BAGGU Wetsuit Bag on Cool Mom Picks

I usually shove the drippy mess into a backpack, but then everything around it gets wet. Not the biggest problem on the planet (yes, I know I can use baggies and plastic grocery bags) but still, I’m thrilled to find a swanky wetbag that doesn’t look “mom” at all. 

And it’s a far cry from Ziplocs.

Who better to come up with a solution to this problem than surfers, who know that there is nothing like a sopping wet wetsuit to kill a mood. CMP fave, BAGGU, in collaboration with Pilgrim Surf and Supply have designed a super styling new wetsuit bag that you can literally stand inside of to undress. Should that need to happen? Eh, who knows.

This gorgeous, if pricey, bag is a full 30-inches across and designed for serious wetsuits, let alone kids’ little swim trunks, with a vinyl exterior that keeps all of the wetness contained. Just zip it up and forget about it.

No wait, don’t forget about it. Trust me.Eva

BAGGU Wetsuit Bag is available at


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