Sure, there are plenty of funny baby shirts. And then there are funny baby shirts calling attention to themselves as funny baby shirts. Okay, maybe there’s just one hilarious self-referential ironic tee for little ones. But if you ask me, every hipster baby needs it, stat.

My First Ironic T-Shirt onesie on Cool Mom Picks

No baby should be without a My First Ironic T-shirt Snapsuit from Wry Baby in their onesie drawer. The unicorn! The rainbow! The irony! We all have a bitingly sarcastic friend whose baby needs this shirt, don’t we?

And unlike some articles of baby clothing, I think this one only gets better when it gets its first barf stain. –Stephanie S.

Prey upon the helpless babies in your life to convey your ironic messages with all the funny onesies at Wry Baby.