Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Although most people are probably pretty aware of autism, more needs to be done to raise both money for research and family aid, and to foster better understanding of kids (and adults) who are tired of feeling different and misunderstood. 

Autism Awareness French Barrette on Cool Mom Picks

And sometimes, it’s the little things that can help a person feel understood, like a smile and a kind word, or simply wearing an iconic puzzle piece which lets the world know that, yes, you are aware.

Or as we would say, “I get it.”

Representing the complexity and struggle of Autism, the puzzle piece icon on Karen Parker’s handmade puzzle piece barrette is simple, yet striking. Made out of mixed metals and sized for adults and older kids, it quietly makes a statement when worn any day of the year. Because Austism awareness, and acceptance, should be something we strive for on the remaining 364 days too. Christina

Karen Parker’s Autism Awareness French Barrette can be purchased from her Etsy store, Pins with Personality.

Please check out previous year’s posts that round up some great small businesses who donate a portion of sales to help kids with Autism. And don’t miss kindie musician Brady Rymer’s CD Love Me For Who I Am which puts into song some of the struggles, and unique qualities of these special kids.