As someone who hates going out without sunglasses on, I’m sure I’m not the only one whose kids have inherited my sensitive eyes. I’m also sure I’m not the only parent to have had that experience where we broke down and bought the cheapie (though not really so cheap) emergency kids’ sunglasses at a vacation spot or at an airport, and oops…broken after 4 wearings.

Enter BonLook, which is doing a fabulous job with kids’ and baby sunglasses, and nary a Daffy Duck to be found.

BonLook Glasses for Kids at Cool Mom Picks

BonLook is a store for trendy prescription eyewear for adults, but they’ve just hit the kids market with a great selection of sunglasses for kids.

Not only are the styles far more fun than your standard Aviators and Wayfarers, in contemporary colors that make kids want to keep their glasses on, they’re also flexible and durable, and they come with a smart protective case and cloth, all for just $39. That’s pretty darn good. (Have you seen what the cheapies at theme parks cost? Insane!)

BonLook Sunglasses for Kids at Cool Mom Picks

They come in frame-only styles as well, should you need to pop in a prescription lens, although BonLook doesn’t offer that service just yet.

Another thing I like is the super helpful “try-on” feature link at every product listing. Just upload a forward-facing headshot, and you can see what the shades will look like on. Your kids will get a kick out of that, whether you’re buying or not.

We tried out a pair–the super cute ’60s inspired Sailor sunglasses in a fun poppy color, designed by James Kicinski-McCoy of the Bluebird Blog–and color me impressed. They’re super strong and durable as promised, and my kindergartener loves them so much, she’s already learning not to put them lens-down on the table. Plus that cleaning cloth is sure getting a workout.

Can I dare to dream that they’ll last more than one season? I’m going to go with yes–provided they don’t end up in a lost-and-found somewhere.


Try the stylish selection of sunglasses for kids online at BonLook.

UPDATE: It seems the selection of kids’ glasses is now limited…and way more expensive. You can see the sailor glasses for kids here.

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