Playing in the rain isn’t as much fun with wet feet, so along with a styling raincoat, grab your kids some keep-dry boots for their fast-growing feet. Then, when they go to walk through the biggest puddle on the block, you can relax and let them go. –Christina

Bogs rain boots on Cool Mom Picks

Bogs for Kids’ rain boots have pull-on handles built into the boot to make it easier for kids to get up on their own. My favorite, the Daisy style, comes in a bunch of color combinations and adds a bit of pretty “May flowers” to the April rain. (toddler/youth sizes, $50 at Zappos)

Hatley Kids rain boots on Cool Mom Picks

Ahoy! When seas get rough, keep that landlubber’s toes dry with Hatley Kids Pirate Dogs rain boots. Totally adorable though also comes in a bunch of other prints for those kids who’d prefer to splash with tractors or lizards, or even bunnies or strawberries, on their feet. (infant/toddler sizes, $32 at Zappos)

Hatley Kids rain boots on Cool Mom Picks

For older kids who may want something a bit more classic and less cutesy, check out Hatley Kids’ classic navy and red Splash Boots. (toddler/youth sizes, $50 at Zappos)

Hunter rain boots on Cool Mom Picks

London calling! And it’s got this awesome-looking Kids Original British Boot by Hunter. Love the distressed linen Union Jack that ramps up the coolness quotient of this high-quality rain boot. (youth sizes 1-6, $95)

Western Chief rain boots on Cool Mom Picks

Monsters? It’s okay, Western Chief’s Monster Party rain boots are definitely not scary. The bright monsters against the shiny black are so cute for little kids, and I’m digging the lime green trim. (toddler sizes, $25.95 at Nordstrom)

Kamik rain boots on Cool Mom Picks

If not monsters, how about bugs? Kamik Kids’ Bugs rain boot comes in four color combos. My kids would love the creepy crawly bug cut-outs attached to the boot, if not the real ones that appear at this time of the year. (toddler,youth sizes, $34-$34.95 at our affiliate Amazon)

L.L. Bean Puddle Stompers on Cool Mom Picks

Known for making great outdoor gear, L.L. Bean’s highly rated rain boots come in a few cute kids’ styles, like the preppy color combo on this Bright Elm Dog Puddle Stompers boot. You know, for when it’s raining cats and dogs, I suppose. (toddler sizes, $29.99-$36.95)

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