One of the cardinal rules around my house: birdwatching is better than television.

Home tweet home bird trailers on Cool Mom Picks

My little chickadees love to sprinkle seed on the back porch and see who comes a-peckin’, especially when that family of wrens returns every year to nest in our grill. But if you can sparrow some change (ha), this fancy birdhouse might be the perfect home tweet home for your feathered friends. And unlike us, you can still use your grill.

These adorable birdhouse trailers from birdhouse20 on Etsy are an unusual combination of fine craftsmanship, quirky style, and sneaky backyard biology lesson. Each one is hand-constructed with solid wood and an antiqued metal top with a weather-tight seal to keep the avian occupants happy and dry, and I love the antiqued seal for a weathered look.

The birdhouse trailers come ready to hang, in two different shapes and several different color combos. Nice touch: each one comes with a cute little handmade license plate that can hold up to 16 characters of your choosing.

The artist says they’re suitable for wrens, finches, nuthatches, and any other smallish birds. Like titmice. Because it’s always fun to tell your kids about titmice. And then you get to explain where the eggs came from, too. –Delilah

Find creative birdhouse trailers at birdhouse20 on Etsy.

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