What’s all-natural, odorless, has a bajillion uses, and can even clean up that two-year old cat barf that’s ossified under the couch? Answer: the last cleaner you’ll ever buy, Mamas. Really, it’s that good.

We’ve covered oodles of the best natural cleaning supplies to keep all those icky chemicals away from your family, but Branch Basics is truly extraordinary. Made of all-natural ingredients including minerals and enzymes from seed-bearing plants, Branch Basics arrives in a concentrate that you can customize to your cleaning needs. Just add water to the handy spray bottle, which is clearly marked with dilution levels and their uses, and spritz away.

Frugal mamas, this is one for you too: Used as directed, it costs less than $3.21 for a whole 32-ounce bottle.

I mainly use the 1:5 dilution, which covers countertops, every surface in the kitchen and bathroom, those skanky patio chairs that have been outside all winter, dry erase boards, grills, high chairs, tires, toys, stained carpet, and yoga mats. They suggest you dilute it way down for glass and mirrors, but I’m lazy, so I use the 1:5 for everything. And it’s awesome.

I was super impressed when Branch Basics was able to budge that rock-hard cat barf we found after moving the couch. (Sorry if that’s TMI.) And I was ecstatic when it took the red Gatorade stains off the steps. And I was thrilled when it made grimy sneakers white again. So…yeah. I’m sold.

Branch Basics at Cool Mom Picks!

Honestly, Branch Basics has aced every challenge I’ve thrown at it–or sprayed it on, to be more precise. The website says you can also use it as a facial cleanser, a wound healing salve, a sunburn soother, and a vegetable spray. At this point, if they claimed it could babysit my kids, I’d probably buy tickets to Hawaii tonight.

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