If you’ve got spring cleaning your desk or home office on the brain, I’m so happy to have this fabulous new website that’s all about desk organization with colors and styles that will just make you happy.

Poppin desk accessories at Cool Mom Picks

Poppin feels like the IKEA of office supplies with a little DWR and Muji thrown in. You can shop by item or by color–should you need an entire aqua desk set. Or hey, just shop by item.

You’ll have fun discovering modern tape dispensers, rulers in 18 different colors, colorful pushpins (just $5 for 100!) scissors, notebooks, file folders, and pretty much anything else you need. Or need, but not know it yet. If it’s too hard to pick, go crazy with the fun design-a-desk function and customize an entire set based on color combos.

A few items came for review, and the quality really is quite nice–more than you might expect from the photos even.


Poppin colorful tape dispensers on Cool Mom Picks

My favorites of the bunch might be the colorblock notebooks with covers not so apt to tear apart in your well-worn bag (ahem); and the substantial lucite rulers that your kids will not be able to break so easily.

But it’s not just desk accessories; Poppin actually sells the desk. And the desk chairs. And the one thing I really have my eye on as far as organization goes–some colorful file cabinets with metal drawers which I pretty much need immediately.

Poppin file cabinet on Cool Mom Picks

It’s also fun poking aroun the site for nifty tech accessories, from their own iPad cases (which I haven’t yet checked out) to Cool Mom Tech favorites, like charging cases, powermats, and the Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth speaker and Big Jambox.

And for those of you who like free? They have a fun free download page with a few over-the-top items (unless you really do need “sunglasses” for your stapler) but I happen to really like their 6 free to-do list printables.


Free to-do list printables by Poppin on Cool Mom Picks

First on my own to-do list? Bookmarking this site. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next, because I know I’ll definitely need it. However it is you define “need.” –Liz

Find colorful, modern desk accessories, furniture and other organizational help onine at Poppin.