You know what’s always a major disappointment? When an amazing company like Phil & Ted’s releases a great new baby item after my babies are already too grown up to need it. And now they’ve gone and created a high chair that almost makes me want to have more babies. Almost.

The new Poppy high chair is a very nearly birth-control-defying product. The sleek new chair is such a perfect design meant to grow with your child, that I totally wish I had one in my kitchen right now.

For everyone with a baby: you will want to take a good look at this chair.

Not only is it a gorgeous, modern piece of furniture that would look great in most kitchens, it’s also an extremely functional design that looks super easy to use. There’s almost no assembly required, which means you just pop in the legs, pop in the baby and you’re pretty much ready to go.

The tray is big, the seat is comfy (and seamless – so no wayward bits of organic avocado or quinoa can find their way to where they shouldn’t be) and both are reported very easy to wipe clean, which seasoned mamas know is key to a perfect high chair.

The harness looks a little fidgety, but there’s a passive harness to hold baby in place while you figure it out with two hands. And I love that the Poppy chair is light and easy to store. You just remove the back legs and it’s ready to hide away.

But here’s the super smart part: when your baby gets too big for the chair in a few years, the Poppy converts to a lower chair with just a change of the legs. Though I sometimes find my kids shun their old baby items when they’re cleverly switched into big kid items, I think the Poppy conversion is so nifty, they just might be convinced.

It looks like Phil & Ted’s has thought of everything with this one. The only thing missing is a hungry baby. –Stephanie S.

Give your hungry little one a place to eat in style and comfort with the new Poppy high chair from Phil & Ted’s. Available for purchase at Lullaby Lane.