Every year, I look out for appropriately modest swimsuits for girls. Not to keep them bundled in tents, but to keep them cute and water-ready without having to succumb to ruching and triangle teeny-bikini tops for the nonexistent boobs. Well here’s a cool New Zealand brand that knows a little something about cool swimwear for boys and girls that has nothing to do with premature sex appeal and everything to do with actual swimming. (Weird, right?)

Kids' board shorts at Snapper Rock | Cool Mom Picks

Snapper Rock makes UV 50+ swimwear for boys and girls that’s meant to be run in, waded in, and wave-jumped in. Hold the hooch. And hold the sunburn, hopefully–they block 98% of harmful rays, as certified by the Australian government.

Because Snapper Rock’s swimwear is athetically oriented, the standouts are pieces like rash guard tops and board shorts, which I’ve always thought look so cute on girls. The three-piece sport set shows that patterns can be on trend without the cuts being uh…small. And the long-sleeve rash guards are great for early season swimming, or sensitive skin that tends to burn.

If you want a more traditional bikin set, the pale blue Ocean Raspberry pattern is just gorgeous–and still practical, with more of a sporty tank-style top.

UV swimwear for kids at Snapper Rock | Cool Mom Picks

For both boys and girls you’ll find adorable long-sleeve sunsuits that are great for infants and toddlers; but my very favorite have to be the hibiscus boardies, which my girls are loving! We tried a pair and found them to be a little looser than expected–you might size down if you’re on the fence or have a skinny girl like mine.

Mamas of boys, they’ve got you covered there too with some very cool long boardie styles.

Covered being the operative word. I like that. –Liz

Find rash guards, board shorts, and other UV 50+ swimwear for kids for kids in sizes 0-12 online at Snapper Rock. Please note the website is a little wonky with no permalinks to individual items. Be sure to scroll down in any given category to see more options than what is readily apparent. 

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