Hopscotch mat on Cool Mom Picks
We’ve been having what feels like a particularly cold and wet spring in my neck of the woods. Which means we’ve been spending a lot of afternoons rushing home from school in the rain and then pulling our hair coming up with fun new indoor activities. But now I have a mighty excellent idea for our next rainy day.

This sweet hopscotch mat by Etsy store CoolSpacesForKids fits the rainy afterschool bill perfectly. It’s simple, cute, easy to use, and easy to store. And I love that it offers a controlled way to keep kids active without tearing apart the house.

Sure, if you’re the crafty type you could probably make your own…but not everyone is so inclined. (Personally, I’m the type who would just buy all the materials and never get it finished, anyway.) 

What I do think would be handy to get, though, is a roll of that sticky stuff that prevents carpets from slipping. I suspect it would make using the mat on hardwood floors a little easier. And on a rainy spring day, anything that makes life easier is a very good thing. Stephanie S.

Get your kids hopping in the living room with this adorable hopscotch mat from CoolSpacesForKids. Make sure you take note of the shipping fees, though. Because it’s coming from South Africa, they’re a little higher than usual.

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