When we were young and carefree (i.e., had no children), my husband and I decided that nothing would grace our walls but original artwork. Flash forward ten years. Yes, there’s original art hanging, but most of it was created by our kids.

Tappan Collective art on Cool Mom Picks

It’s not that we gave up entirely on our art-collecting dream; it just took a backseat once the babies came along. And that’s where a very nifty site saves the day.

Tappan Collective is a terrific site designed to encourage young student-types to decorate with something other than cheap framed Monet posters. But, psst, guess what? I think it’s really perfect for parents, too. Especially moms who could use some visual diversity amongst the poster-paint thumbnail daisies and turkeys.

The limited-edition prints and original photography and artwork by young, up-and-coming artists are inexpensive and ridiculously cool. Which means art is suddenly accessible again to those of us who see most of our dollars disappearing to ballet lessons, the next-size-up hockey skates, and last week’s field trip.

And here is where I hope my family is reading: Don’t you think the I Love You Too print by Michael Gittes would make a perfect Mother’s Day present? I know I do. –Stephanie S.

Decorate your walls with something other than macaroni art (not that there’s anything wrong with macaroni art, people) at Tappan Collective.


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