With the end of the school year looming (cue the screams of delighted children everywhere), it’s time to start thinking of ways to thank the tireless, wonderful, and inspiring teachers in our kids’ lives. And with tomorrow being National Teacher Appreciation Day, it’s a perfect moment to have the kids give them a little something they’ve made with their own hands.

Keep reading for a bunch of neat (and easy) craft ideas your kids can help make to tell their teacher “thanks.”

Above: Notebook paper tote from Sun Scholars


Plantable paper craft by Marry This on Cool Mom Picks

Homemade plantable paper gift from Marry This


Washi tape bookmarks by Omiyage on Cool Mom Picks

Washi tape bookmark (perhaps tucked into a new summer read) by Omiyage

Neon dipped planters by Hello Bee on Cool Mom Picks

Neon dipped planters from Hello Bee

Kids' craft by A Mom's Year on Cool Mom Picks

“You deserve a hand” lotion holder from A Mom’s Year

Happy Clippings photo on Cool Mom Picks

Colored pencil vase from Happy Clippings

Painted vase by Lemon Tree Dwelling on Cool Mom Picks

“Mother’s Day” (or Teacher Appreciation Day) vases from Lemon Tree Dwelling

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