Heart & Stone Boston Strong necklace on Cool Mom PicksLiving just south of Boston, the recent attacks at the Boston Marathon are still a recent and raw memory. But all the amazing signs of solidarity and strength–who would have thought Yankees fans would ever sing Sweet Caroline willingly–make it clear that the motto “Boston Strong” is one that extends far beyond the city limits.

I love this new Boston Strong pendant from local jewelry maker (and longtime CMP favorite) Heart & Stone Jewelry which reads B strong using that familiar Red Sox typeface, and would make a great gift for those of us whose hearts will always be in Boston.

Handstamped and hung from a thick black leather cord, it was styled to be more of a guy’s piece of jewelry, but I love big bold pieces and would be proud to wear it too. Especially because a full 25% of the purchase price goes to The One Fund, to do even more good for those that need it.

Strength pendant from Heart and Stone | Cool Mom PicksIf you’d like, also have it engraved on the back for an extra $35 making it extra-special, and extra-personal.

Another powerful option is the Strength Necklace, originally conceived for a cancer survivor friend of the artist’s. 1/4 of that retail price goes to the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah, meaning more than the wearer reaps the strength from its message. –Christina

Order the round or rectangular Boston Strong pendant or the handstamped Strength pendant, all from Heart and Stone Jewelry where 25% of each order supports great causes. Learn more about onefundboston.org and huntmancancer.org at their websites.