Our admiration for NYC photographer Joanne Dugan goes way back. From her genius ABC NYC book and then her NYC counting book, to the custom name artwork made from her photography, her work is equal parts sophisticated and child-like, which is why we love it as much as our kids do. And now she’s got a new project that we’re thrilled about, available at one of our very favorite museum stores.

alphabet city coasters by joanne dugan | cool mom picks


The new Alphabet City coasters at the MoMA store take Joanne’s wonderful urban typographic images and turns them into a set of 28 US-made, eco-friendly coasters.

No, you’re not misreading that; it’s 26 letters plus 2 symbols. Guess sometimes it’s hard to pare down when you have so many cool photos.

While I would personally use them as coasters, I could totally see my kids coopting them as flash cards or turning them into some kind of memory game. Hopefully along the way, we can also have conversations about famous landmarks and how history changes architecture and design.

Or you know, maybe we’ll just try to name Harry Potter characters starting with every letter of the alphabet. These days, that seems most likely. –Liz

Find the new Alphabet City coasters from Joanne Dugan exclusively at the MoMA store starting this week.


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