Milk Nursingwear cowl neck at Cool Mom Picks
I’m hoping to nurse this baby of mine after it arrives in the fall. So I am mighty pleased to see that nursing attire has come a long way since the last time I wore it (five years ago). No more zip-up hoodies for me, that’s for sure.

I’ve been checking out the selections at Milk Nursingwear and–squeeee!–I am already planning my fall wardrobe around some of the beautiful options they have from dresses to shirts, tank tops and more. And in lieu of using those traditional snap flaps that I always remember fumbling with, Milk Nursingwear has designed their nursing clothes to offer form and function in one, through either hidden flaps or extra fabric that simply needs to be lifted for quick and easy access.

When baby is hungry, you don’t want to be futzing around with lots of layers and snaps to get to the source, right?

Milk Nursingwear cowl neck at Cool Mom Picks

Grab one of the smart colorful tops in $40 range, and I bet you’ll get more use out of it than your regular clothes. As for the pricier dresses, well, having a few nicer pieces in your wardrobe will make you feel like a human again, you know? Been there. Jeana

To see more cute nursing shirts, dresses and more, check out the Milk Nursingwear website!


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