There’s no doubt that our three kids are on their dad’s mind during the day while he is off at work. But I’ve just found a hilariously awesome (and easy) Father’s Day craft that will have him seeing them hanging around too.


DIY Shrinky Dink Father's Day gift on Cool Mom Picks

I cannot look at Oh Happy Day’s Shrinky Dink Father’s Day ideas without grinning, imagining all the poses my three kids will want to try in the making of this unique craft.

DIY Father's Day gift tutorial on Cool Mom Picks

I love how a tiny photo easily becomes a tie tack that is bound to get noticed in the office. More than one child? Line them up holding hands and create a pin to be worn on a suit jacket lapel. 

Or if he’s not the suit-and-tie wearing type, put your wee kids on his key chain ring–a nifty idea that works for Grandpa too. If there are just too many grandkids, make a posse of pins and decorate a cool baseball cap for him.

Instructions are pretty easy, though make sure you get the shrink film that is meant to go into a printer. Also: definitely read the comments for tips on the best results. 

Ah, if only we could (occasionally!) shrink their voices as easily as they can shrink themselves. Christina

Visit Oh Happy Day for instructions on how to make Shrinky Dink Father’s Day gifts.