I firmly believe that the rule that applies to dogs should also apply to babies: always ask before touching. (Hey, let’s add pregnant bellies to that list, too).

When my son was an infant, I was at the grocery store and a total stranger walked up and just started touching his face. Um, excuse me? But now there are a few new products that comes in handy when people are being, well, a little too handsy, the newest being The Shade from Imagine Baby.

It’s a stretchy cover (think spandex material) that pops onto almost any size baby car seat or carrier to protect baby from those well-meaning but overattentive little old ladies (and curious drooly toddlers). But even if stranger-touching is the least of your worries, it’s made from water-wicking Lycra material and UPF 50+ protection, making the Shade a great car seat and stroller accessory: drizzly days, bright sunny days, snowy days and bitey bugs are no match for this ally.

The Shade covers a stroller at Cool Mom Picks

A detachable flap makes it a cinch to keep an eye on baby, and also keeps the air flowing nicely. The elastic border ensures that the Shade will stay on even through the gustiest of winds–a nice touch for stormy days when one more minute stuck at home with a cranky baby is just not an option. -Jeana

The Shade car seat and stroller cover is available for $35 from Imagine Baby’s website and additional online retailers