With my first two kids, the bassinet was a bedside fixture for at least the first month or two after their respective arrivals. Clunky and awkward, it was not exactly a charmer — and my wakeful babies didn’t seem too impressed, either. This time around, I’m trading up.

Babyhome Dream baby cot at Cool Mom Picks


I’m betting the Babyhome Dream will create a luxe enough sleeping environment for the baby to convince him/her sleep through the night. It could happen, right?

Dream, by the genius designers at Babyhome, can be used as a bedside bassinet, a travel cot, or a convenient, comfy place for a napping baby anywhere in the house. Right now, chez moi, it’s being test-driven by my daughter’s baby doll, and she gives it a thumbs-up. The Dream’s lightweight design (only 13 lbs!) makes it a breeze to travel with. The deep interior makes it a great sleeping environment for the baby.

The design is beautiful and simple. Intended for use up until the baby is about six months old, the Dream is offered in a swath of rich colors like the turquoise shown above, along with maroon, white, beige, this gorgeous print, and a handful of others. Never thought I’d be so enamored by a bassinet.

Babyhome Dream baby bassinet at Cool Mom Picks

In addition to its overall good looks, Dream’s real selling point is its adjustable leg system. With a few clicks, you can easily switch between a stationary crib to a rocking one to a portable one with wheels for easy transport. That’s just smart thinking. Something much appreciated by the foggy-brained, yawning parents of newborns.

Babyhome Dream adjustable legs at Cool Mom Picks
Babyhome Dream adjustable legs at Cool Mom Picks
Babyhome Dream adjustable legs at Cool Mom Picks

The Dream comes with a breathable mattress pad and a fitted sheet. It also comes in a handy tote bag (nice!). You have enough other baby stuff to schlep around, so having a lightweight bed is a very good thing. And? The entire fabric bassinet portion can be unzipped and washed, which is super handy.

Babyhome Dream tote bag at Cool Mom Picks

I’m not naïve enough to think that Dream alone will make my baby sleep through the night from Day One, but I can be hopeful that a bed this beautiful will lull both newborn and mommy into a nice long slumber once in a while.Jeana

Babyhome Dream is available for $299 from a variety of online retailers, including our affiliate Amazon, USA Baby, Stroller Depot, Isis Parenting, Toys R Us and more. For a full listing of stores near you, please visit the Babyhome website.

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