Oh, Internet, how I love thee. Chic NYC boutiques await me on my laptop, 24/7 even when I’m nowhere near. And my latest online thrill is a children’s shop stocked to brimming with gorgeous Scandinavian style. Ja, takk! (Yes, please!)

Stylish toddler bowl on Cool Mom Picks

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Recently, I’ve been obsessed by the imaginative offerings over at Modernmini. This kids’ shop is made up of mostly Scandinavian brands, all of which are pretty spectacular, especially if you love incorporating modern design into your decor. This is a place to find items that serve a functional purpose and look fantastic at the same time.

Toddler cutlery from Modernmini on Cool Mom Picks

Toddler cup from Modernmini on Cool Mom Picks

It’s higher-end gear for sure; the great quality is unbeatable, and the products are truly useful with long-lasting appeal. I particularly love this toddler dish and cutlery set from ToddlerTäble. I can just picture those chubby little fingers fitting quite nicely around these bad boys. 

While they don’t have a massive variety of brands, I would still bookmark this shop, as I am sure there is much more goodness to come–and what’s there now is definitely worth a good browsing. –Stephanie M

Modernmini is offering Cool Mom Picks readers 25% off their first order with the code WELCOME at checkout.


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