Stretch Island fruit chews | Cool Mom PicksMy kids, as with all kids, are obsessed with gummies. But I find that fruit chews give them the same satisfaction with a little less guilt. On my part. Hooray for a new brand that avoids the guilt entirely, and just in time for me to seek out new lunchbox snacks for camp.


Stretch Island, the company I love for their 100% natural fruit strips, is now making Stretch Island Fruit Chews, which are also made from real fruit puree with no additional sugar added. Just what’s naturally in the fruit. They are nut-free, gluten-free, and come in raspberry, strawberry, cherry, and a mixed berry flavor–clearly because all kids know “the red ones” are always the best–and they are nothing short of delicious.

Each pack offers a full serving of fruit (the fruit strips offer a half-serving) so while it’s no substitute for a crisp apple or a fresh apricot, it’s not so likely to be smashed up against a lunchbox either. Perfect camp or schoolday snack. –Liz

Order Stretch Island Fruit Chews from our affiliate Amazon or find them in your local grocery. There’s more info at the Stretch Island Fruit website.