This is precisely the time each year that I realize my oldest daughter has outgrown all her summer dresses (grrr) and that her younger sister is not quite ready to reap the benefits. So looking at the adorable new dresses from Wunway, I’m having a hard time keeping my twitchy “add to cart” finger off the keyboard keys.

wunway dress for girls | cool mom picks

We love this brand for their appropriately modest but still feminine and fun clothes in sizes 3-8; it’s a godsend for parents of tweens-to-be who hit the big shops or even designer boutique and realize that once you hit size 6, it’s all about looking like a teenager. Ack.

Here, some of my favorite new dresses for girls at Wunway:

Wunway girls' dress with butterflies | Cool Mom Picks

Wunway girls' dress with pouf skirt | Cool Mom Picks

Girls' summer dresses at Wunway | Cool Mom Picks

Even all the sweet accessories in the photos and the very affordable kids’ shoes and sandals are for sale.

Wunway accessories for girls | Cool Mom Picks

There are also some cute styles for boys, and tees and fun pants, leggings and skirts. And while not everything at the shop is for me (I’m still trying hard to get my head around the MC Hammer Pants Redux of 2013) I really really love the dresses. Especially at prices that don’t hit stratospheric designer land, and especially knowing they’ll get extra play with a second daughter who loves nothing more than inheriting her sister’s pretty clothes.

If you have a special event or a more casual wedding coming up, you may have just found your new happy dress resource. –Liz

Check out the new clothes and accessories for children at Wunway