Can we keep her, Mommy? I’ll feed her and walk her and clean up the oil spills–promise!

If there’s a special baby Star Wars geek in your life, this sweet onesie is a great way to induct her–hold the cinnamon-bun Leia knitted hat.

Star Wars girls' AT-AT onesie on Cool Mom Picks

The My Star Wars At-At Pet Onesie from EngramClothing on Etsy is everything we love: unique, geeky, and high quality. The onesie is availble in sizes 6m to 18m in super soft 100% cotton with soft printing designed and done by hand in Calgary. And the design is such a marvelous take on “Star Wars is for girls, too” without relying on the most obvious tropes, especially those involving chain mail bikinis.

If you’re not into pink, it’s also available in white. And if you’re going for gender neutral or boyish, there’s also Darth Vader riding a bicycle.

But we do recommend checking for rogue Stormtroopers before you let that thing in the house. They’re worse than fleas. –Delilah

Find the My Star Wars At-At Pet Onesie at EngramClothing on Etsy. Note: this design is also available in adult-sized tees, dresses, and skirts; At-Ats are great pets for everyone!

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