We’ve officially entered hostess gift season, which happens to coincide with fresh produce season season. Which gives me an awesome idea.

Handmade berry colander by Ross Lab | Cool Mom Picks


Visit Ross Lab on Etsy for this gorgeous made-to-order, handmade ceramic berry colander and then hit your local farmer’s market or you know, Whole Foods, for the proverbial (and actual) bowl full of cherries.

There are also lovely salt and pepper cellars, coffee mugs, and a really pretty, rustic sugar/creamer set. Just present with artisanal salts; the mugs with some good coffee and so on. It just amps up the gift that much more.


Handmade sugar and creamer | Cool Mom Picks

Handmade salt cellars | Cool Mom Picks

Handmade salt and pepper cellars | Cool Mom Picks

It’s such a thoughtful way to say thanks for a weekend visit or even just for a night out in the country–say, you’re me, living in the city, and ready to say yes to every single invitation for a night in the country. And yes, that’s a hint, my friends. –Liz

Visit Ross Lab on Etsy for all kinds of beautiful, made to order ceramic dishware. jewelry and more.

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