It’s not a secret that we’re big Kids Place Live fans here at Cool Mom Picks. In fact, I’m pretty sure there would be a mutiny in my care if I tried to change the channel, especially during the Absolutely Mindy show, our afterschool staple. So when my daughter Quinlan and I were invited to be guests on her show, there was a fair amount of squeeing. From both of us.

Kids Place Live at Cool Mom Picks

If you’re an SiriusXM subscriber, or know someone who is, tune in to Absolutely Mindy’s show (3-6pm EST) today and listen to us chat about vacation travel tips for kids and parents around the 5pm hour.

Here’s a little preview of some of our favorite tips, tricks, and products to help make your next road or plane trip super cool.

1. Have your kids pack their own backpacks full of snacks, toys, and games. Just be sure to check on the younger kids who might do something like my younger daughter Margot did (you have to listen to hear the funny story!).

2. Instead of board games, load them up as apps on your tablet. We love playing Monopoly and Life (which has a pass and play option) in the car and at home.

3. If you get bored of the license plate game but want to stay away from screen time, two great ideas for the back seat are magnetic, eco-friendly Tegu blocks (addictive!) and the LCD Boogie Board, which is good for repeat games of hangman oand tic tac toe without ever lifting a crayon.

4. For a fun and educational app, Toca Builders got rave reviews. Quinlan compares it to Minecraft in a hilarious way on the show.

5. When it comes to snacks on-the-go, try GoPicnic boxes, and not just because of the “healthy” gummies. 

5. As far as helpful apps for parents on the go, I recommend RedRover, Magisto, and DayOne, all three of which I use daily.

6. And for dealing with the inevitable sibling squabbles, I take a lead from our Ops Director Julie Marsh, who tells her kids, “If I have to intervene, you’re not going to like the outcome.” It’s amazing how quickly they’ll work it out on their own.

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