We bet you’ve at least once bought a set of alphabet blocks as a new baby gift. But buying a set of alphabet blocks that a new baby can enjoy all the way into adulthood? Now that’s a really cool gift for a baby born into a home full of, say, graphic designers or word-lovers. Fine fonts rule!

Alphabet blocks from Areaware on Cool Mom Picks



These beautiful mahogany and pine alphabet blocks from Areaware will make sure that baby gets off on the right foot when it comes to a love of great design and excellent craftsmanship.

What I love most of all, though, is that these handsome blocks also stack in fun and fanciful ways to create interesting structures and characters. 

So baby can have her font and play with it, too. Stephanie S.

Find fancy font alphabet blocks and all kinds of amazing designs for kids (and adults!) at Areaware.


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