I feel like the most awesome mom when I bring home bags of fresh fruit–until I realize the bananas have become overripe in two days, and the mangoes and strawberries are threatening to do the same unless I use them, stat. Morning smoothies have become a staple, but I’m so grateful there are other wonderful recipes to help me use all that fruit…even after it’s less than perfect.


Walnut Mango Smoothie by Serious Eats | Cool Mom Picks

Overripe Banana Recipes
Thanks to Serious Eats, I’ve got 17 ideas for what to do with overripe bananas, as in the three brown ones sitting in my fridge right now. I’m going to add this genius walnut and banana smoothie recipe to our repetoire–I think it’s the honey and cinnamon that makes it special.


Blackberry rosemary and yogurt popsicles by Food 52 | Cool Mom Picks

Overripe Berry Recipes
At Food 52, there’s a wonderful roundup of 10 ways to enjoy overripe berries. From the looks of it, my kids would make quick work of Amanda Hesser’s Blackberry, Rosemary and Yogurt Popsicles. It’s easy to whip up, and Greek yogurt makes it a more healthy summer treat. Done.


Mango-lime sorbet by Martha Stewart Living | Cool Mom Picks

Overripe Mango Recipes
My kids adore mangos (and so do I) but they are impossible to dice beautifully into salsas and salads when they’re mushy and overripe. Yes, we can make more smoothies, but I think this Mango-Lime Sorbet from Martha Stewart Living looks spectacular. It literally requires 4 basic ingredients, a food processor and…that’s it. I can do that!


Cilantro peach salsa by I Am Baker | Cool Mom Picks

Overripe Peach Recipes
My six year-old has recently fallen in love with peaches, but doesn’t always eat them before they get too soft for her. Food Network has some good ideas on what to do with overripe peaches that all look fairly simple. (Sangria, yum!) Really, ripe peaches are great in sauces and salsas, like this simple Cilantro-Peach Salsa at I Am Baker. You can even leave out the jalapeno (or better, split up the batch) if your kids are scared of spicy.

Summer smoothie recipes: Blueberry Citrus Shake from Family Fresh Cooking

All Fruits!
Yes, so smoothies are easy. But if you’re getting bored of the same old ones every morning, our own Stacie created an awesome roundup of 8 fresh fruit smoothie recipes including the simple Blueberry-Citrus Shake above. Remember, when fruits are all smooshed up in blender, kids can’t whine about the brown spots or squishy bits. And you don’t have to throw out all that gorgeous fruit.

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