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It’s only from years of business travel to LA that I got to know the delight that is Peet’s coffee. And now that I don’t have access to their coffee shops in NYC (sniff), I’m glad that now it’s even easier to bring it home.

Peet’s K cups are here (oh sorry…let’s use the generic “Peet’s single cups”) so rejoice all ye Keurig users.

Yes it took a while, but evidently the company has spent 5 years getting it to where they want instead of settling for meh. I have to respect that.

You can get five of their most popular roasts, plus some giant sampler packs if you’re willing to commit. Having tried them recently, the Major Dickason’s Blend is hugely popular for good reason. And I’m finding the house blend makes a decent ice coffee, which in my world means a lot of milk and sugar and ice.

Here’s another tip: If you’re not yet a Keurig owner and want to take the plunge, invest in the Keurig Vue which gets the water hot enough to make a dark roast taste closer to what you’d get at an actual Peet’s. In LA. Where I don’t live. –Liz

Find the new Peet’s Coffee K Cups online at their website and get free shipping on $40+ orders with code 13FS40JLA. Or find them at stores all over the place.

To go more eco and more frugal, order any Peet’s coffee and invest in a reusable k-cup like this one from Eco-Fill (at our affiliate Amazon) which I like a lot.

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