I’m a hardcore fan of SIGG reusable water bottles. They’re seriously durable–and I know, because my kids put them through the wringer, dragging them from school to skatepark. Now I’m in love with a new collaboration between SIGG and Cuipo (a clothing brand dedicated to saving our rainforests) and here’s why.


sigg cuipo reusable water bottle | cool mom picks


Eeach purchase of a Cuipo-branded SIGG bottle saves one square meter of rainforest, preserved in your name. I think this eco-happy skate mama knows what she wants for her birthday.

sigg cuipo reusable water bottle | cool mom picks

I’m most obsessed with the logo “Be the Solution, Not the Cause.” I can’t wait to show my boys that we are doing our part to save the planet’s rainforests by using reusable bottles with a mission. These make really great gifts, too, for under $30. And there are some great designs in smaller sizes just for our littlest conservationists.

sigg cuipo kids water bottles | cool mom picks


Most of the bottles sport an active one-piece top, which I prefer so much more than the old tops (made up of pesky different parts that always went missing). I know that these bottles will be getting a heck of a lot of love in my house, and environmental awareness always brings a smile to my face. How about you? –Eva

SIGG/Cuipo reusable water bottles are available for adults and kids at SIGG.com.