Back to school shopping season gets earlier every year, doesn’t it? I have to say, there’s something about a shiny new backpack ready for new learning and new adventures that makes the season more fun. I mean, for the kids. Of course.

We’ve loved, owned, and cherished Beatrix NY kids’ backpacks, wheelie bags and lunchbags since the day they launched. And while the adorable owl and the dinosaur are old friends, I’m happy to see some new designs added to the menagerie.

Beatrix NY little kids' backpacks | Cool Mom Picks

The new little kids’ backpacks add some slightly more feminine options, like Katarina the Frog (Katarina was a bullfrog…), Penelope the Octopus with a cameo from a little lobster friend, and Pocharri the fancypants fuschia French poodle.

Beatrix NY kids' frog backpack | Cool Mom Picks

Beatrix NY kids' octopus backpack | Cool Mom Picks

Beatrix NY kids' poodle backpack | Cool Mom Picks

You can also find them as soft-case lunchboxes and kids’ wheelie suitcases, which I swear by. We’ve owned one going on four years now and it’s still going strong–though I admit owning a darker color has something to do with how good it looks.

When my daughter was four she could totally manage it on her own–and insisted on doing so–but the telescoping handle means I can take over when she gets tired.

Beatrix NY kids' wheelie bags and lunchboxes

 Ready for back to school time? Yeah, me neither. –Liz

Visit Beatrix NY for tons of little kids’ backpacks, lunchboxes and bags. Also check out the new Beatrix NY blog for six weeks of giveaways each Thursday.