I consider myself a pretty light packer, but traveling with kids can make an overpacker of the best of us. Especially if a baby is involved. Those tiny people sure don’t travel light. Luckily, the wise folks at Phil & Ted’s have found a way to make packing tons of stuff a total breeze.

Phil & Ted's Universal Travel Bag on Cool Mom Picks


Phil & Ted’s new Universal Travel Bag is designed to protect and carry all of the baby’s essentials (and then some). First and foremost, it’s a stroller bag. Because of its unique wrap design, this bag is adaptable to almost any stroller you want to pack. It’s even designed to hold most double strollers, too. With an easy to use–and very secure–drawstring liner and Velcro fastening system, the bag seals up tight. It’s also a breeze to roll around, thanks to two wheels built into the bottom of the bag.

Phil & Ted's Universal Travel Bag closed on Cool Mom Picks

But I love its versatility–it’s designed to be much more than a stroller bag. Even if you buy it for that reason at the start, you’ll be able to use the bag long after your baby has outgrown the stroller. Look at how much this bag can handle. Yup, that’s a car seat you see in there:

Phil & Ted's Travel Bag with car seat on Cool Mom Picks

Families without babies will also find plenty of ways to use this wonderful bag, too. Have to pack for a weekend at Grandma’s at lightning speed and toss in everything you own? Yeah, this will definitely do the trick. And unlike regular luggage, when it’s not being used, it rolls up compactly and hides away like a dream.

And in case you’re wondering, it can also hold a toddler and a kindergartener. At the same time. Yes, mine insisted I try packing them, and I, of course, obliged. Too bad we can’t get a deal on airfare that way. –Stephanie S.

Make packing a thousand times easier with a Phil & Ted’s Universal Travel Bag of your own.