I love handmade items, but it is usually a good idea if someone else’s hands make them for me, since crafting is not where my talents lay. But, now that I’ve seen a new service that makes it so easy to create cool things at home, I may have to give DIY another chance.

darby smart diy kit on cool mom picks

Darby Smart provides a new way to create those cool DIY projects I’ve seen on Pinterest or one of my favorite design blogs. But instead of driving myself crazy trying to find all the supplies I’ll need, the Darby Smart Kit contains all of it, pre-packaged and ready to go.

It’s still DIY, but with a personal shopper to gather all the supplies, and add instructions to ensure that my finished product looks like it the ones on the Pinterest boards. Maybe.

darby smart summer bangle kit on cool mom picks

All of their project have been curated by designers or other crafty folks, like these classy etched champagne toasting glasses, or colorful summer bangle bracelets.

One potential concern that I’m happy to see isn’t an issue: I love that Darby Smart doesn’t steal craft ideas from online sources and make them their own, but contacts each designer directly about using their idea for a kit and gives them credit for their project right on the shopping page. 

darby smart cat-tastic jars on cool mom picks

With new craft kits posted every three days, there’s a good reason to check out their site often. And since kits are available in limited quantities, she who hesitates may be lost, or at least not able to grab that playful gold dinosaur-topped mason jar kit. (But no worries: Their colorful Cat-tastic Canister Kits are still for sale.)

Kits are priced from $24 to about $44 which make them probably more appropriate for grown-up DIY time versus playtime with the kids. Though my crafty almost-teen would probably do a great job on many of these kits, so consider some of the kits as a fun rainy day project too.

The best thing? I may actually finally succeed in successfully making something I’ve seen on Pinterest. Heh. –Christina

Check out Darby Smart DIY Kits. If you love a project, be advised that they are all sold in limited quantities and new kits are added every few days. 

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