A couple of weeks ago, I moved from Atlanta to Philadelphia and discovered that my new lovely rental home did not have a linen closet. I was about to just stuff my family’s towels and sheets in my own closet when I had the opportunity to ask Martha Stewart (yes, her!) a question and voila, I knew exactly what I needed her help with.

Take a peek at her smart suggestion, as well as what I came up with to help make her magic happen in my own home. Kristen


handmade wooden bench on cool mom picks

Now, I love the idea of folding towels and sheets on a bench for storage, which isn’t the best plan if you’ve got four kids like me, but would be an excellent touch in a guest bedroom or bathroom, like the handmade wooden bench (above) which is perfect for a bathroom, with room underneath for a basket or bin.


french country wooden bench on cool mom picks

I love this French country wooden bench as well, which can hold more items folded on the bottom shelf, though if you need to put it in your bedroom like me, the summer cottage bench would be lovely at the end of your bed.


3 drawer storage bench on cool mom picks

Now I decided to find a bench with storage inside so I wouldn’t be folding towels and sheets all day long (yay, kids!). I wouldn’t necessarily put this in my bedroom, but this 3-drawer storage bench would be a nice addition to a kid’s room or bathroom.


offi birch storage bench on cool mom picks

If you have more modern sensibilities, then this splurgey Offi birch storage bench is fabulous. And the wheels make it easy to move from room to room if you change your mind as to where you want it.


west elm jardine trunk on cool mom picks

I ended up going with something similar to this West Elm Jardine Trunk at the foot of my bed, which has plenty of room for all the linens I need to store, plus a spot for me to sit on when I’m getting ready in the morning.

For more cool storage ideas, make sure to check the Cool Mom Picks archives, you know, unless you’ve got Martha on the other line. Ha.


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