We all have such strong memories of our own first days starting a new grade. And now with back to school time upon us as parents (we are futile to resist!), if you’re like us then you’re snapping tons of photos and videos of those first walks through the schoolyard, those first cute outfits–all of which you’re probably emailing and texting and sharing with friends and family.

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That’s where our partner, Origami comes in, to help make sharing these memories and moments much safer and easier, especially if you’ve got relatives who don’t use a smart phone or happen to be on a different operating system.

So we asked some of our favorite mom and dad bloggers to share their own back to school memories to help remind us of all the special moments worth preserving and sending out to those friends and relatives who can’t be with us.


Charlie Capen on Cool Mom Picks

Charlie Capen, How To Be a Dad

It was my first day in Middle School and I had bought a new pair of brightly colored shoes to wear. I’d just moved to a new town, and when I walked onto the campus… I felt so out of place. I immediately went over to a patch of dirt and started dirtying up my new shoes, as if it would make me cooler. In reality, I think I was just looking for camouflage so I didn’t stick out. It’s my favorite memory because I learned a lot about myself in that moment, and it will be something I use to help teach my son that he needn’t try to fit in. We do ridiculous things to stay under the radar. Making ourselves smaller or more nondescript looks completely ridiculous from the outside. You may as well look as ridiculous as possible and have fun.


Rachel Faucett on Cool Mom Picks

Rachel Faucett, HandmadeCharlotte.com

Having a twin sister made school life pretty easy. I loved school and always had a pal! The first day of Kindergarten was probably my favorite memory of all. Wearing matching Snoopy dresses and meeting kids that would end up to be life long friends = Awesome!





Katherine Stone on Cool Mom Picks

Katherine Stone, Postpartum Progress

My favorite back to school memory is, honestly, the supplies. God I LOVED having a set of new supplies. Freshly sharpened pencils. A crisp new box of crayons. Safety scissors. Rubber cement. It was like Christmas.







Christine Koh on Cool Mom Picks

Christine Koh, BostonMamas.com
[photo: Adam De Tour]

My daughter Laurel experienced really painful transitions at the beginning and end of kindergarten; so bad that we ended up canceling summer camp plans and hiring a sitter. Fearing a repeat of the painful school drop offs, I dreaded when it was time for first grade to start, though I put on a cheerful, encouraging face. Imagine my surprise when it was time to head into the classroom and instead of tears and clinging, Laurel turned and gave me a brave smile and a wave and marched on in with her classmates. My eyes filled with tears; this time of the relieved and happy persuasion.


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Beth Blecherman on Cool Mom PicksBeth Blecherman, TechMamas.com

My favorite back to school memory as a young girl was getting to pick out a whole new wardrobe each year to prepare (my one time each year). I was somewhat traumatized when I got to college and realized that I had to manage my own budget, which did not include yearly trips to buy clothes! Now With three boys, it is just buying some new tee shirts or making sure their jeans fit them before school each year, but for me, I still get that tinge to head to the store for a new back to school wardrobe each year. Even if it’s now for work.



Doug French on Cool Mom Picks

Doug French, Laid Off Dad
[photo: Karen Walrond]

Right before 3rd grade, my folks granted me two of my most fervent requests: They let me walk to school on my own, and they bought me the pair of ox-blood-red corduroys I’d coveted. This is another big-shot memory, which tells you a bit about the life l’ve led.



Kelly Wickham on Cool Mom Picks

Kelly Wickham, MochaMomma.com

Since I started my career as a teacher I often think of making it magical for my own children when it is time to head back to school. Even though I was busy getting my classroom set up and arranging desks and reading new books to introduce to my students, I also recall getting their backpacks ready and laying out clothes and then having our First Day of School picture. Most memorable for me as a mom and teacher is that the FDOS was always on the calendar months ahead since I had to know my schedule of when to return. FDOS and LDOS are well known acronyms in my house.



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