Light switches are boring. Mostly. But thanks to our clever friends at Graphic Spaces, we’ve now got these fun switchplate covers in shapes like owls, octopi, and a rocket ship. So it’s a little more fun to turn off the lights for bed. “Mr. Shark says it’s bedtime…or else!” also has a nice ring to it.

Shark switchplate | Cool Mom Picks

You know how much we love it when a company we’re keen on surprises us with something new. Right now we’re digging the way Graphic Spaces’ knack for unique designs and heirloom quality wood translates into switchplate covers

Each switchplate cover is handmade of laser-cut and engraved cherry wood and fits perfectly over any light switch using the two included brown screws–it doesn’t get any simpler than that. And the eco-friendly finish means you can totally lick Mr. Shark if you want. Or at least hang him with confidence in a baby’s room. (Not that we endorse babies licking their nursery decor. To be clear.)

Of course, my favorite part is how the owl’s beak is the lightswitch, which means you can make him talk while turning the lights on and off. Mr. Owl is slightly more friendly than Mr. Shark, when it comes to bedtime. But he sure does talk a lot. –Delilah

Find engraved wooden switchplates at Graphic Spaces.

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