Our pals at Tea Collection say their latest round of boys’ pants can stand up to dragons, thanks to reinforced knees, durable material, and the look of denim without the zipper issues. So they’ll probably survive the playground, too.

Tea Collection boys' pants | Cool Mom Picks

When my daughter was a baby, I shopped at consignment sales. When my son was a baby, I tried to figure out why I couldn’t find any pants for him at the same sales. Uh, turns out little dudes are really, really hard on their pants, often wearing out the knees before they’ve even outgrown them. But when our pals at Tea Collection say their new boys’ pants are dragon-proof, we take them seriously.

These Side Stripe Pants are sporty and sturdy for ages 3 months to big kids’ size 12, made in French terry and suggesting the rakish look of Han Solo, especially in the Ink colorway. We love the ease of sweatpants with a more upscale style that will keep boys comfy at school while looking cool.

Side Stripe pants | Cool Mom Picks


These cargos, available in Herringbone Knit and French Terry, are lined with soft cotton jersey to reinforce the knees–always my Waterloo with boys’ pants. We also love the big pockets. Just be sure to check them for worms before washing.

Herringbone cargo pants | Cool Mom Picks

French Terry cargo pants | Cool Mom Picks


These Denim Look Carpenter Pants are a great pick when you want the goes-with-everything look of jeans but have a kid who hates stiff denim. They feature an elastic waistband, a hammer loop, and spot washing to simulate the look of denim with soft but durable 100% cotton French terry.

Denim Look Carpenter Pants | Cool Mom Picks

Tea Collection asserts these Knit Playwear Pants are made for serious action, and judging by the reinforced knees, we believe them. If you’ve got a boy who wants to spend his days in sweatpants, these stylish britches are a great compromise for cool kid style. They’re also available in a denim-like French terry for a little more.

Boys' Knit Pants | Cool Mom Picks

Knit Play Pants | Cool Mom Picks

One of the great things about this collection is that they’re available for ages 3 months to 12 years, meaning if you find a style that really works for your persnickety kid, you can stock up for later. Comfy, tough, and stylish is pretty much the holy grail of dude clothes. –Delilah

Find tough but cool pants for boys at Tea Collection.


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