You can’t buy your kid a life-sized AT-AT or landspeeder. But you can give them the coolest Star Wars-themed book shelf we’ve ever seen.

Star Wars AT-AT book shelf | Cool Mom Picks

This AT-AT Imperial Bookcase from WhittledinWood on Etsy is a masterpiece of engineering. Handmade of birch plywood, it’s made to order in Vidor, Texas and arrives raw and unpainted. 

The cool thing is that the company can make a bookcase out of almost anything your heart desires–the website currently shows this AT-AT, a Millennium Falcon, an unbelievable tree, and the Incredible Hulk. The prices aren’t as insane as they could be for bespoke geek furniture, and they look very sturdy for such carefully shaped creations. And they’re happy to paint your bookcase for you; just message them first to discuss pricing.

The hardest part about having this bookcase might be keeping your kid from dumping out the books, climbing inside, and terrorizing the shih-tzu with loud pew-pew-pew noises. –Delilah

Find the AT-AT Imperial Bookcase at WhittledinWood on Etsy.

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