As excited as I am about the impending arrival of Baby #3, one thing I am not particularly looking forward to is the sleep deprivation that arrives on the scene with a newborn. I recall with vague familiarity the middle of the night feedings and changings–and realizing in the morning that all the snaps on the baby’s PJs are mismatched. That will no longer be an issue with this adorable onesie.

ZIPaboo onesie | Cool Mom Picks


The ZIPaboo is a revelation for all those weary-eyed parents fumbling with diapers and fiddling with snaps in the middle of the night. With a single zipper to gain access to baby’s bottom, the ZIPaboo is a no-frills, genius way to make that groggy process just one tiny bit easier.

The patterns are adorable, as you can see, and come with even more adorable product names, like Saylor, Sam, Noah and Sydney.

ZIPaboo onesies with zippers | Cool Mom Picks

The zipper is contained in the central leg area, so babies can be changed quickly for their comfort. With snaps, if you pull a little too eagerly, you end up unsnapping the whole onesie all the way up to the baby’s chest–just more work for you after the diaper change. Uh, no thanks.

While middle of the night changings are not the first thing I’m looking forward to, at least I can get in and out quickly with just one zip. Jeana

ZIPaboo is available for $36 from the company’s website.


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