We’ve been huge supporters of the amazing charity Baby Buggy since we discovered them in 2011, and we’re always ready to help spread the word about the wonderful services they provide. They’ve got a huge challenge ahead of them this fall, and we’d be thrilled if any of our runners, er, readers would like to join their NYC Marathon team.

Team Baby Buggy ING NYC Marathon | Cool Mom Picks

The Baby Buggy 2013 ING NYC Marathon team, that is. They’ve got a few more spots to fill between now and September 15. (The race isn’t until November 4. Plenty of time to train!)

Baby Buggy 2013 ING NYC Marathon Team | Cool Mom Picks

Entries in this race are highly sought after, so this could be a great opportunity for you runners who didn’t luck out in the lottery. Plus, you can be part of an amazing cause that serves tens of thousands of children every year. That feels even better than running 26.2 miles–I know, I’ve done it. Julie

To learn more about Baby Buggy and their 2013 ING NYC Marathon team, contact Aubree or check out their Crowdrise page. And be sure to let us know if you join the team!