With my youngest almost three years old, I’m almost out of the stroller world. I admit it: that bums me out. Because I loooove strollers. Especially the strollers from Mountain Buggy. I’ve fallen hard for their newest one, because it’s pretty much perfect. Hey…can I borrow your baby?

mountain buggy cosmopolitan 3 levels on cool mom picks


The Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan stroller is a new look for Mountain Buggy with the same reliable performance and a super-smooth ride. For starters, the denim fabric is stylish without going over the top. Available in three bright color options for the cotton inner lining, the subtle denim outer fabric is a very cool constant. Simple, city-chic style–I love it.

In fact, everything about this stroller is about simplicity–and making harried parents’ lives easier. The Cosmopolitan offers a silent flap to peek on baby (because anything that minimizes noise around the baby? yes please), puncture-proof tires, a huge storage area under the seat, and an easy-to-operate recline. No fuss.

mountain buggy cosmopolitan fold on cool mom picks

It folds really simply, too. No fiddling around with straps or latches. Just a smooth and simple drop fold that automatically locks the frame closed. And it stands independently, making it perfect for storing in small spaces.

It’s also ridiculously easy to convert the seat from forward-facing to rear-facing, or even into a bassinet-style seat. No extra parts or purchases required. Sweet.

But the pièce de résistance (for me, at least) is the amazing foot brake. Locking and unlocking are done with the same kind of pushing motion, which means there’s finally an end to upper shoe scuffing for stroller pushing parents (not that I’m pushing any strollers in Jimmy Choos, but still).

Is it inexpensive? Nah. At a cool $549 on Amazon, it’s definitely not a cheapo stroller. Is it quality, though? You bet. If you’ve got room in the budget for a stroller splurge, and your aesthetic tends toward urban cool, the Cosmopolitan may just be your dream ride.

Now listen up, runners: it’s far less “sporty” than the other Mountain Buggy strollers. If it’s important that you be able to run marathons while pushing a baby, this stroller probably isn’t the one for you. But if you want to walk great distances in style, then the Cosmopolitan is the way to go. 

mountain buggy cosmopolitan on cool mom picks

And if the stroller’s name makes you want to throw on a pair of heels and sip a fancy drink while you’re at it? Well, I certainly wouldn’t hold it against you. –Stephanie S.

Find the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller and some really great accessories at Mountain Buggy or at our affiliate Amazon. Big thanks to Mountain Buggy for providing us with a sample to test drive.